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Tika Thornton

In this full episode of “Exploring Minds”, Tika Thornton, a human trafficking survivor, explains how she found herself in “The Life” and discusses how generational trauma can lead to victims of circumstance. – Child Sex Trafficking Survivor ​ ​Tika Thornton is an advocate against sex trafficking. A survivor herself, Tika in her early 20s started […]

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Michele Carroll


Previously the Editor-in-Chief of L.A. Lady Magazine, Michele is extremely excited to broaden her horizons and dive into the minds of those familiar with today's most relevant topics. L.A. Lady is the recipient of the 2016 Western Publishing Association's Maggie Award of Distinction.

Zack Bennett

Executive Producer

With nearly 15 years of experience in arts and media, Zack Bennett’s most recent projects include the award-winning documentary “The Ataxian”. Bennett is proud to present his most recent collaboration with Michele Carroll, “Exploring Minds”. The show is the culmination of a broad vision for new media, education, and entertainment.