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Bradley Campbell

Bradley Campbell on "Exploring Minds with Michele Carroll"


Episode Summary:

In this episode of “Exploring Minds”, Michele Carroll and Bradley Campbell explore the rise of Victimhood Culture, Microaggressions, Safe Spaces, and the New Culture Wars as defined by his book “The Rise of Victimhood Culture”.

Guest bio:

Bradley Campbell is a sociologist broadly interested in moral conflict — clashes of right and wrong and how they are handled. Most of his work examines genocide, which normally arises from large-scale interethnic conflicts. Recently he has also begun to examine the much smaller-scale conflicts on modern college campuses. This work looks at microaggression complaints, calls for trigger warnings and safe spaces, and the ongoing debate about these phenomena, viewing them as manifestations of ongoing moral change and the clash of different moral ideals.


Dr. Campbell regularly teaches the following courses: Criminology, Deviant Behavior, Sociology of Genocide, Sociology of Law, and Violence and Society.

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