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Cassie Jaye

Cassie Jaye on "Exploring Minds with Michele Carroll"


Episode Summary:

In this episode of “Exploring Minds”, Michele Carroll and Cassie Jaye explore Cassie’s film “The Red Pill”, gender politics, and her future plans.

Guest bio:

Cassie Jaye is a filmmaker based in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Founder of Jaye Bird Productions. She has directed and produced over a dozen films and commercials, but she is probably most known for her documentary ‘The Red Pill’ and her TEDx talk about making the film.

‘The Red Pill’ chronicles her journey as a feminist learning about the Men’s Rights Movement. The film was released worldwide in March 2017 and has garnered multiple awards including the Women in Film Award at Hollywood DigiFest. Despite much praise and recognition for shedding light on an aspect of Gender Equality rarely discussed, the film was also the target of many petitions, protests, and censorship by theaters who caved to pressure to pull the film from their screens. Two years after the film’s release, Cassie candidly opens up to Michele about her life since ‘The Red Pill’.

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