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Raman Frey

Raman Frey on "Exploring Minds with Michele Carroll"

Episode Summary:

In this episode of “Exploring Minds”, Raman Frey and Michele Carroll explore the concept of “altruistic economies” and Raman’s vision for a world that re-imagines incentive systems using blockchain technology.

Guest bio:

Raman Frey is a community builder, a serial entrepreneur and convener of fascinating and warm-hearted people.


Raman was a founding partner of The Bureau, a benefit corporation, advisory and startup accelerator operating at the intersection of blockchain technologies and ESG (environmental, social and governance) impact. The Bureau is currently developing and will soon deploy Dispatch, an enterprise ready blockchain protocol, reverse compatible with Ethereum.


He currently serves as an active advisor to RootProject, a new crowdfunding platform that applies blockchain and a reputation economy to the needs of non-profits. RootProject is designed to free these organizations from the time consuming demands of traditional fundraising.


The American ideal of civil discourse, amongst people with contrasting points of view, is how he believes real progress begins.

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