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Tika Thornton

Tika Thornton on "Exploring Minds with Michele Carroll"


Episode Summary:

In this episode of “Exploring Minds”, Tika Thornton, a human trafficking survivor, explains how she found herself in “The Life” and discusses how generational trauma can lead to victims of circumstance.

Guest bio:

Child Sex Trafficking Survivor ​ ​Tika Thornton is an advocate against sex trafficking. A survivor herself, Tika in her early 20s started a management company and a detail company. She then moved into mentoring and speaking to raise awareness of sex trafficking. She speaks at a group home called Crittenton, where she spreads awareness of trafficking and provides one-on-one peer counseling. Tika also mentors at Long Beach GRIP, an organization that helps at-risk youth. ​She serves as a mentor to girls who have been arrested, getting them the resources they need for GED prep, trauma counseling, medical assistance, and housing. Tika also shares her personal story as a survivor to help kids in the Long Beach area understand trauma and guide them to accessing therapy. Tika is a graduate of the Two Wings Qualified Academy, a nonprofit organization that provides survivors job skills and resources to start careers. Tika has joined the organization and co-facilitates trauma information training. Tika plans to major in Business Administration or Psychology in order to start her own organization helping incarcerated girls connect to mental health specialists.

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